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Testimonial from graduate aspiring to study medicine


"I was made to feel so welcome" - apspiring medical student praises her time at BSG

From British School of Geneva A Levels graduate to aspiring and dedicated Medical student: find out more about Ammara's experience at the British School of Geneva in her testimonial below! Ammara joined The British School of Geneva from Pakistan in 2018 and completed her A Levels Diploma this year with outstanding results and the top grades she needed to secure her place at Queen Mary's QMUL London and Barts School of Medicine and Dentistry. The transition from Secondary School to university can be daunting, especially when aspiring to study Medicine. However, Ammara feels ready and well-prepared to embark on this new chapter  thanks to the comprehensive support provided by the British Schoolof Geneva. The school's dedicated team of teachers and advisors offered guidance throughout the university application process, ensuring that she was equipped with the qualities required to succeed in the challenging field of Medicine.  

How long were you at BSG for? Five years What is your favourite memory of BSG? There are so many memories to recall honestly, but one of my fondest memories has to be that of our A Level Graduation Day. All the staff at BSG put in so much effort to organise it and to give us a farewell we won’t be able to ever forget. It was a bittersweet feeling recounting all our achievements and times spent together, and then saying goodbye to everyone.

Do you feel BSG has prepared you well for university? Yes, definitely. BSG helped me transition slowly and smoothly from relying mostly on my teachers to studying more independently as I progressed form Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 and then to A Levels. I also had many opportunities at BSG to participate in activities that helped me build teamwork and communication skills, which are crucial at university.

Everyone at BSG gave me such a warm welcome when I first moved to Switzerland 5 years ago from my home country. I honestly don’t think I would’ve adjusted in a new country as quickly as I did without the support of everyone at BSG. I’ve made some amazing friends for life here, learnt from some great teachers whom I hope to stay in contact with in the future, and made awesome memories over the past 5 years.

[caption id="attachment_4316" align="aligncenter" width="793"] Congratulations Ammara![/caption]   Parents' Testimonial: 

As a parent, it was a very good experience, seeing Ammara excel over the years at the BSG. She was indeed, academically coached and mentored well by her teachers, but also supported on a personal level as a child and teenage student. Her teachers were always accessible for any pertinent discussions.

I must also mention the very supportive role of all the BSG staff, who were always available to help and support our family. Finally, events like parent-teacher meet-ups and summer fairs were always wonderful and fun occasions, providing opportunity to constructively interact with the BSG team and other parents. BSG will be part of our family’s life-time memories. Dr Zubair Wadood and Samira