International Primary

 AII great journeys start with a questioning mind. During the primary school years, we encourage curiosity and nurture essential life skills and a love of learning, for 5 - 11 year olds.



  • Small class sizes  
  • Specialised teachers 
  • Enhanced National Curriculum for England 
  • Building self-confidence through life skills 
  • Dedicated learning spaces, clubs and activities 
  • Regular progress assessments
  • After School Care until 5:45pm 

Our curriculum

We enhance the National Curriculum for England to help students discover amazing possibilities and develop essential skills. They take risks, think creatively and collaborate. Our teachers provide guidance while fostering independent problem-solving.


Exploring worlds through words 
We inspire a love for reading, writing and storytelling. Students develop skills in reading comprehension, creative writing, grammar and vocabulary.

Additional support is provided for those who are not first-language English speakers, ensuring every learner can thrive. 


Developing analytical minds 
Our enhanced lessons encourage logical thinking and problem-solving. Learners study arithmetic, geometry and statistics, later exploring algebra and solving equations. Practical activities build a solid foundation for future learning.


Discovering the wonders of science 
Learners study biology, chemistry and physics through hands-on experiments. They learn about living organisms, materials, forces and energy. Science classes ignite curiosity and encourage exploration.


Enhancing language skills 
Learning French develops speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students explore French culture and conversation, broadening their communication abilities and global understanding.


Understanding the past, changing the future
Lessons cover history and geography, studying ancient civilizations, world history and significant events. Learners explore physical and human geography, map skills and environmental issues.


Empowering techpreneurs 
We learn basic coding, digital literacy, internet safety and use the latest software. Projects enhance problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, preparing us for an ever-evolving digital world.


Expressing like an artist 
Art lessons foster creativity and self-expression. We explore drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art, learning about art history, techniques, and styles. We create our own masterpieces.


Tuning into the rhythm
We discover the symphony within ourselves through singing and performing, nurturing our creativity and confidence. We can also learn to play musical instruments with professional instructors during extracurricular activities.   


Growing together 
Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education help us understand and manage our emotions, build healthy relationships and develop social skills. We learn about mental health, physical wellbeing and our roles in the community. 

Our pillars of learning

At BSG, every day is a celebration of learning.
We put a strong focus on personalised learning, taking the time to understand each learner and their passions, strengths and needs. Through tailored learning journeys, we help our students develop essential life skills and reach their full potential, at school and beyond.

Academic achievement
Academic achievement
Skills for life
Skills for life
International opportunities
International opportunities
Life and career pathways
Life and career pathways

Tracking progress 

We always look for learning and brains working hard! We also make comprehensive use of GL Progress Test Assessments for students in Year 3 to Year 6. These assessments help us understand your child's strengths and the areas where they can grow. 

By keeping a close eye on their progress we're able to offer a personalised education tailored to their needs. This approach ensures that every student gets the right support to thrive, whether they need a bit more help in certain subjects or are ready to be challenged further in their areas of strength.  

Our goal is to help each child succeed and grow, providing them with the best possible foundation for their future learning. 

Future pathways 

Keep building your confidence and your life skills! We start getting curious about our futures with careers days and talks from professionals. We keep it fun and encourage our parent community to come in and share what they do!  

Transitioning to Secondary 

All the students successfully completing Year 6 at BSG are guaranteed a place in the Secondary Programme and will enjoy supportive transition days as they get to know their new teachers and subjects.

When to enrol?

At BSG we understand that life doesn't always stick to deadlines. That's why we welcome applications all year round, ensuring that your child can become part of our community whenever the time is right for you, without the worry of falling behind. Submit your application as soon as possible to secure a place in our Primary School!  

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