Learning journey

Early Years

Age 3 - 5


Explore and learn through purposeful play-based learning at the British School Geneva. Spark natural curiosity in a safe, nurturing environment where every child feels valued and excited to learn.

Primary School

Age 5 - 11


Develop critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills. BSG's small classes and specialist teachers empower students to ask questions, embrace good struggles and discover passions. Benefit from an enhanced English curriculum as we balances academic rigor with creativity, joy, and a love of trying new things as we pursue getting better.

Secondary School - GCSE

Age 11 - 16


Prepare for IGCSE exams with a broad English curriculum that emphasises reasoning, critical thinking and leadership. Grow into confident learners ready to engage in diverse extracurricular activities that shape character and future.

A-Level College

Age 16 - 18


Pursue A Level subjects that deepen knowledge and sharpen skills. Gain specialised expertise in chosen subjects, excel academically and receive bespoke career and university support. Prepare to make informed decisions for your future, with confidence and clarity.