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BSG, the leading British international school in Geneva, provides an empowering atmosphere for learners to grow. Each classroom benefits from natural light, creating inviting spaces that inspire engagement and curiosity.

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Learning spaces

A safe place

With robust security measures in place, including supervised single-entry points and fully enclosed recreational areas, we ensure a secure environment where students can safely arrive and depart.
This thoughtful design fosters independence while 
maintaining the utmost safety, allowing students to develop confidence in navigating their daily routines.

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Conveniently located on the main road through Châtelaine, two minutes from the motorway and just a 10-minute drive from the United Nations at the heart of the international quarter of Geneva. Our campus is easily accessible for students commuting independently from various parts of the city and nearby areas, making us a premier choice among international schools in Geneva.

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British School of Geneva is a place where saying "Yes, I can!" is just the beginning. Become a part of our transformational community!