School life

Clubs, sports & opportunities

Inspiring confidence through new experiences


Explore a wide range of clubs, sports and international activities. At BSG, every student gets the chance to try new things, grow, and build confidence Each experience is designed to inspire and develop life skills, encouraging every child to say, "Yes, I can!"


Connecting through languages


Join bespoke induction and immersion programmes that support English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners. Engage in an inclusive curriculum that celebrates multiple languages and cultures, helping students feel valued and supported. With over 70 nationalities and 60 languages, everyone is encouraged to explore and communicate confidently.

Community voices

Belong here


Experience a strong sense of belonging in our diverse, inclusive and nurturing international school community. Hear from students, parents, and teachers about their supportive environment that feels like a second home. Feel valued, supported, and encouraged to grow in a place where everyone feels they belong.