Secondary School

In the first three years of secondary school (Years 7 to 9, known as Key Stage 3), all students follow a broad curriculum of general academic subjects.

This core curriculum consists of: Mathematics, English, French, Science, History, Geography, Art, ICT (Computers), Citizenship, Drama and Physical Education.

At the end of Year 9, the curriculum content becomes more specific as students begin a two-year programme (Key Stage 4) leading to IGCSE examinations ( Students at this stage study the core subjects of English Language, Mathematics, French and ICT, and optional subjects selected amongst English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, History, Geography and Art.

Our secondary programme provides increased focus on core skills such as reasoning, analysis, research and leadership, which are fundamental to students’ continued success. Our teachers are not only watchful over academic results but also provide pastoral care assisting students’ emotional development on their path towards the later stages of their education. We foster a truly supportive and personalised environment that is critical during these decisive years.

In these more senior stages, our students demonstrate an increasing openness to and appetite for the world around them. At BSG, we encourage their enthusiasm for learning and assist their development through cultural projects which make the most of Geneva’s natural setting, leverage our city’s geopolitical importance and explore the diversity of its people.

Assessment is a key part of teaching and learning at BSG. For more information, view our Secondary Assessment Policy.

Students successfully completing Year 11 with us are guaranteed a place in the A-Level programme.

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