Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the British School of Geneva. Our school is the leading school in the city of Geneva which offers the full English national curriculum from Reception through to A-levels.

At the British School of Geneva we have a rigorous focus on maintaining high standards of teaching and learning, whilst providing exceptional pastoral care and individual attention to each child. Our students’ individual learning process is at the heart of what we do, from age 4 to 18. Our objective is ensuring that each of our students has the opportunity to amaze themselves with their learning in school. Each student is given the opportunity to challenge themselves in the good struggle of learning through high quality and clearly focused teaching.

As a member school of International Schools Partnership, our mindset is one of continuously getting better at what we do and how we do it. The British School of Geneva allows students to live and learn within an equitable, peaceful and sustainable school community. We want our students to apply the abilities and competencies that they develop in school to their lives outside school, as people with confidence and the character to engage with the world around them.

Through the course of our curriculum, we fulfill our promise to students and families that we will provide repeated and consistent opportunities for real, meaningful learning to occur. Our students become used to challenging themselves to go further and achieve more than they believed possible. Our teachers are skilled practitioners who have the capacity to diversify and adapt their teaching styles to meet the different needs of individual students. As a result, we can demonstrate excellence of outcome for our students at all ages and levels. It is they and their families who are our ambassadors. We celebrate their achievements wherever in the world the benefits of a British School of Geneva education may lead them.

At each of the five Key Stages of learning within the English National Curriculum, students are able to test themselves against age cohort norms and see that at The British School of Geneva they will exceed their own expectations. We focus on the STEAM Curriculum offering the best learning opportunities in Sciences, Mathematics, ICT, Modern Foreign Languages and English. We provide depth of experience and breadth of access so that all students experience success and find fulfilment in learning, whether in the IGCSE or in A Level Examinations.

If the highest quality, challenging and rigorous yet fun educational experience is what you aspire to for your children, the British School of Geneva is here to meet your family’s education goals.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the outstanding educational world of the British School of Geneva. We look forward to building a relationship with your family, if it is the best education that you seek for your child.

Simon Thompson
British School of Geneva

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