Learning Support

The British School of Geneva prides itself on being an inclusive school.

Inclusion is based upon the belief that all students can learn and that how a child learns or the speed with which a child masters certain skills should not be a barrier to learning and progress. An inclusive classroom is a supportive, caring learning community in which every student feels accepted, and as such, we believe in the placement of children with learning needs in the general classroom environment.

We understand that each student has her/his own challenges and needs and we therefore use multiple methods of assessment to come to know students very well and holistically. We also believe that collaboration is essential in ensuring the quality of a student’s learning and therefore work to build and sustain relationships with colleagues and families and work as a multidisciplinary team.

We accept students with mild to moderate learning needs and aim to provide them with the necessary support to help them in their pathways to learning, including differentiated learning, Individual Education Plans, accommodations and modifications, and in and out of class support. We actively encourage parents of children with identified special needs to discuss this during the admission process and to provide us with as much in-depth documentation as possible. This would help us in determining the level and type of support that would be required.

During the first few weeks of the school year, assessments will take place and if a student is identified as requiring extra help, including EAL (English as an Additional Language), a support structure will be put in place. Depending on the needs of the student, testing by an educational psychologist may be deemed necessary. Parents may also be asked to have their child followed by a speech or occupational therapist.

As our school fees are very competitively priced, we are only able to offer learning support at an additional cost. For students with particular learning needs, as well as those requiring English language support, personalised help will be provided at a prescribed hourly rate, and billed on a termly basis.

Admission and support for students with learning needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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