A-Level College

Our A-Level College in Geneva (Sixth Form) is a natural stepping-stone for students following the English National curriculum and IGCSE programme.

Students must select three (or four) A-Level subjects which are studied in modules. A-Level exams take place at the end of each year (www.edexcel.com).

BSG is an approved teaching and examination centre for EDEXCEL, a major UK exam board, and all examinations take place on BSG premises. This two-year programme of A -Level study leads to university entrance and is open to students aged 16 and above, of all nationalities and educational backgrounds.

Subjects are offered according to student preferences and include English Language and Literature, French, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, History, Geography, Economics, Art, and Information Technology (IT). Modern foreign languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese can be requested for a moderate additional fee.

A solid performance in three A-Levels represents a passport to entry into UK universities, European Union universities, Swiss universities and many North American universities, including those with European campuses.

For A-level students with clearly identified areas of strength or interest, specialising in fewer main subjects is a better fit than programmes with numerous compulsory subjects such as the International Baccalaureate, the French Baccalaureate or the Swiss Maturité.

The A-Level programme is a transitional phase from a structured secondary school environment to the relative freedom of university life. Accordingly, our A-level students are encouraged to explore their passions and achieve excellence in their chosen subjects, while benefitting from the necessary tools at their disposal in terms of personalised support from teachers, counsellors and school directors. Particular attention is paid to the refinement of increasingly called-upon time and workload management skills.

We offer intensive individual care and ongoing tutorial support. Regular meetings among students, parents and staff are a critical factor in the success of the A-Level programme in at BSG.

This is an exciting time in young people’s lives and one in which their choices will largely determine their future. We understand the importance of attentiveness to students’ results and the need to guide and support them in selecting their next challenges after A-levels.

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